Celebrating Growth and Connection: FLAX's YouTube Channel Unveiled

Celebrating Growth and Connection: FLAX's YouTube Channel Unveiled

Hello there, FLAX fans!

At FLAX, we truly love what we do. For some of us it might be the connection of working with customers, traveling, solving problems, or the excitement of the creative journey. Whatever we individually enjoy the most, we're constantly trying to come up with fresh ideas, styles, and practices to share with our beloved community. Because FLAX isn’t just a company; it’s a small family of passionate people, and we're here to make sure every interaction you have with FLAX – whether it's through our clothing, or your experience at tradeshows, online shopping, or barn sales – is super positive, and keeps you coming back for more.

For us, it’s not just about the products; it's about forming connections with you, our fantastic customers, whether you've been with us for ages or you're just joining our FLAX fan base. We want you to feel like a part of our ever-growing FLAX community in the most natural and authentic ways possible.

It is because of this drive to constantly provide our customers with more that we have released a new and improved website and with it, our very own YouTube channel. Yes, you'll hear a lot about FLAX, but this channel isn't just about us; it's about you, and our commitment is to bring you valuable content that makes your FLAX experience the best it can possibly be.

For our partner stores, we've put together a bunch of videos showcasing the highlights of our latest collections. We know that keeping up in the fast-paced fashion world can be tough, so we're here to lend a hand. We'll send sample boxes, line sheets, and fabric swatches right to your door, making sure you're all set to showcase FLAX, even if you can't make it to a trade show. Through these videos, Julie, our fantastic sales manager, will guide you through everything – from every style, color, to fabric – so you can explore our latest offerings at your own convenience. It's not just a resource; it's a potent tool to transform your sales team into bona fide FLAX experts, even before our new collections hit your sales floor.

For our amazing consumers, we've kicked things off with some informative videos about our linen fabrics and unique sizing, all aimed at making your shopping experience even better. And we're just getting started! Our goal is to keep creating content that empowers both our die-hard FLAX enthusiasts and newcomers. We get our inspiration from you, our fabulous FLAX-istahs, in your FLAX and non-FLAX outfits alike. Why shouldn't the content we create be just as tailored?

When we design, it's all with you in mind – from the perfect pullover for BeBe to reimagining your favorite pieces for Suzan, making suited ensembles pop for Marilie, providing must-have monochromatic looks for Pat, or nailing that perfect shade of purple for Karen. We're all ears for your fresh ideas and insights, so don't be shy! If you have suggestions, questions, or feedback, just drop us an email. Our YouTube channel is a labor of love, and it's all for you – our incredible FLAX community. So, let's dive into this exciting journey together, celebrating growth and connection every step of the way.

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