Our Brand, FLAX

FLAX is more than the plant from which linen is harvested, and it's more than a brand of women’s linen clothing that has been popular for over 30 years. What began with selling handmade linen garments at local farmers' markets blossomed into partnering with worker-owned, women-led factories in Lithuania. This journey gave rise to an idea that became a way of life for many.

FLAX isn’t solely about selling clothes.

FLAX is about inclusivity. FLAX offers a range of styles to suit many body sizes, shapes, types, and style preferences. Our clothing boasts its own unique sizing from Petite to Generous.

FLAX is about sustainability. Our commitment to a greener future is evident in our use of Corozo buttons, sustainable production practices, and eco-friendly packaging.

FLAX is about family. Ours is truly a family business encompassing FLAX enthusiasts who have supported us for days or even decades, the dedicated individuals in Europe who have ethically crafted our fabrics, notions, and garments for over 30 years, the boutiques that faithfully showcase our beautiful clothes, and the team that arrives each day with a smile to make all of this possible. The FLAX family extends across the globe, shaping what FLAX truly stands for.

FLAX is a philosophy rooted in joy, gratitude, fairness, and above all else, love.