Discover Timeless Elegance: The FLAX Core 2024 Collection Unveiled!

Discover Timeless Elegance: The FLAX Core 2024 Collection Unveiled!

FLAX Core is aptly named for our best-selling styles and beloved fabrics that have stood the test of time. At FLAX, we believe in the philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." That's why our solid 100% linen fabrics in Black, White, Natural, and Nine Iron have become staples in the best capsule wardrobes. These classic colors effortlessly complement everything in your closet.

The styles in the Core collection are tried and true favorites, designed for ease and versatility. Whether you layer them or wear them on their own, they remain timeless, even after 30 years in the fashion industry. These linen classics are a must-have, offering a blank canvas to build captivating outfits, accessorize them with jewelry and funky shoes, or simply showcase your unique style.

Let's explore some of the key pieces from the FLAX Core 2024 collection:

Fundamental Tank

  • This boxy-cut style is casual yet perfect for easy layering.
  • Sleeveless with a scoop neck and wide straps for modesty.
  • Side seam slits allow the hem to drape gracefully over the waist and hips.

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    Side Pocket Tunic:

    • This sleeveless tunic features side seams that cleverly conceal pocket slits, offering both style and utility.
    • The length is thoughtfully designed to cover the bum, making it an ideal match for any pant.
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      Fundamental Tee

      • For those days when you want a little arm coverage without sacrificing comfort and movement.
      • Essentially, it's the Fundamental tee with short sleeves, making it another casual go-to.
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      V Pullover

      • The length of this simple v-neck pullover is just right, falling just below the waist.
      • The notch detail at the ¾ length sleeve adds a touch of interest, making it versatile for everyday wear.
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      Bias Back Shirt

      • Not as oversized as some button-downs, but still incredibly comfortable.
      • Features a nice collar and a bias back for easy movement and an elegant drape in solid linen.
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      • A linen pant that everyone should try!
      • Full elastic waist with ample room in the thigh, hip, and bum.
      • Length skims the top of the ankle bone, offering a modern, slightly cropped style for some and a full-length pant for others.
      • Comfort defined for everyone!
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      Sociable Flood

      • The comfort of our floods dressed up with a flat front, elastic ½ waist, and a wide, a-line shaped leg.
      • A slightly less casual look but still comfortable enough for everyday wear.
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      Pocketed Ankle Pant

      • Combines the look of a legging with the comfort and breathability of linen.
      • Features a ¾ elastic waist with a slightly less roomy hip and thigh than our Floods.
      • A tiny slit at the hem on the side seam adds a playful touch.
      Shop Pocketed Ankle Pant


      Park Dress

      • The Park Dress features side panels that add volume and shape to the silhouette.
      • Available in versatile black and other colors, it falls below the knee and has a flattering cap sleeve to cover the top of the arm.
      Shop Park Dress


      Slouch Pocket Dress

      • A true embodiment of FLAXY style, providing great coverage with seaming details for shape and interest.
      • A modern style with ¾ length sleeves and deep pockets.
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        Whether you're building a sustainable wardrobe, adding key pieces that withstand the test of time, packing for a European vacation, or simply exuding effortless style, FLAX Core is an entire collection designed just for you.

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