Discovering Wampsville, NY: Where Beauty Meets Community

Discovering Wampsville, NY: Where Beauty Meets Community

Today, as I made the drive into to our FLAX headquarters in Wampsville, NY, it was a breathtaking experience. The previous day's transition from rain to heavy, wet snow had blanketed the entire landscape in a pristine white coat. The large flakes clung to every surface and every tree branch and as I watched the storm clouds recede in the steel-blue sky, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of comfort and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Here in Central New York, people often ask us, "Why Wampsville?" This area, not only close to where FLAX began its journey, but also blessed with natural charm in every season, holds a special place in our hearts. In January, when frigid temperatures greet us on Monday mornings, we are made even more grateful for the temperate months that lie ahead. Until those months return, days like today, when the scenery is simply too magnificent to ignore, make it all worthwhile.

The miles of forests, fields, wetlands, and breathtaking lakes in this region add to its allure. We relish the proximity to modern conveniences while being surrounded by farmland, nature, and abundant outdoor activities. Some of us are enthusiastic disc golfers, while others are passionate about fishing, kayaking, hiking, and camping. And then there are those brave souls who let their kids play hockey.  Whatever the hobby, we take advantage of as much time outdoors in our lovely state as we can.

Even on the FLAX property itself, we're graced by the presence of a variety of wildlife, from robins and cardinals to Canadian geese and herons. Rabbits, deer, foxes, turtles, and snakes make occasional appearances, whether to explore our grounds, sample berries from the bushes, nibble from the planters out front, or simply take a nap on the warm sidewalks. Spring officially arrives for us with the reappearance of "Chuck", a real curmudgeon of a woodchuck, and his offspring, and productivity inevitably takes a dip as we dote on the playful babies.

Our good fortune extends to our wonderful neighbors as well. Molly, a regular visitor, takes her mom for daily walks around the property, providing us with an extra dose of affection as she comes for a good ear scratch or some belly rubs. Just down the street, Madison Bistro, a farm-to-table lunch favorite, satisfies our cravings for hand-cut French fries and creamy mac and cheese. Nearby, Napoleon’s Café in Oneida crafts the most incredible soups, and Canastota's La Bamba MTZ offers outstanding Birria. Our friends at the local Post Office greet us with warm smiles during our daily visits, and the Village Office has consistently supported FLAX, partnering with us in our journey to thrive in our area.

So, when people ask us "Why Wampsville?", the answer is simple: it's a place of natural beauty, community, and warmth that we are proud to call home. As we continue to create clothing that embodies those ideals, we draw inspiration from the charm that surrounds us, and we look forward to sharing that inspiration with you. Join us in celebrating the essence of Wampsville, NY, through FLAX's unique clothing creations, and experience the magic of this extraordinary place for yourself.

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