Exploring FLAX's Heartbeat: A Journey to Our Lithuanian Factories

Exploring FLAX's Heartbeat: A Journey to Our Lithuanian Factories

Every year, I, Kate, along with a member of our dedicated US FLAX team, embark on a remarkable journey to Lithuania. Our mission? To connect with our incredible staff, vendors, and factories, ensuring we uphold strong relationships, discover innovative technologies and textiles, and exchange fresh ideas. Yet, beyond the business aspect, this trip feels like a homecoming.

The long flight and extensive preparations to leave behind family and work for a week are undoubtedly demanding. But here's the secret—I have zero regrets. Once I'm there, I sleep soundly, relish hearty meals, and find myself laughing until tears roll down my cheeks. Each visit deepens my affection for FLAX, and I soak up every facet of the culture, the people, and the craftsmanship that goes into our products. Even after a hundred visits, I would never see or experience it all.

Stepping off the plane, I'm warmly greeted by dear friends and colleagues who instantly assume the role of nurturing caretakers. Their primary concern is my well-being: ensuring I'm warm, dry, comfortable, well-fed, and rejuvenated with a strong espresso, a soothing herbal tea, or a delightful local beer before our car ride to the hotel. The Lithuanian countryside is enchanting, and I fight off exhaustion to savor every moment. Conversations flow freely, with updates on families, grandchildren, recent travels, the status of home apiaries and gardens, and the whereabouts of the storks—loyal neighbors who visit without overstaying their welcome, nesting on tall poles by people's homes.

Our hotel has become a second home. My room offers the same scenic view, a cozy bed, and exceptionally accommodating staff. Breakfast becomes an art form in Lithuania, with an array of breads, yogurts, salmon, beans, eggs, potatoes, and more. Gazing out over the park while savoring this morning ritual prepares me for the day ahead.

Our fabric factories are a mesmerizing sight. Watching the machines tirelessly weave and witnessing the skilled men and women who oversee them is a sight to behold. The constant whirr of looms and the linen fibers suspended in the air, moistened by mist from above to prevent breakage, create a captivating haze that could easily put me in a trance. Witnessing a single thread transform into an intricate pattern teeming with depth and interest is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It's even more magical knowing that these FLAX fabrics are embarking on their journey to bring joy to countless wearers.

The sewing factories are a symphony of brightness and beauty, adorned with windows adorned with geraniums—a practice we've adopted in Wampsville. Each step of the garment creation process is a testament to precision and craftsmanship. Every placket, sleeve, pocket lining, and buttonhole is executed with such perfection that it never ceases to amaze me. The women who work there are not just skilled artisans but also warm and welcoming, even when I can't resist peeking over their shoulders for a closer look.

Though work is the primary purpose of our visit, we always manage to set aside time for a little shopping. The amber in Lithuania is simply exquisite, and I rarely leave without adding a new piece to my collection. I have my favorite restaurants that serve local cuisine I can't resist. Creamy, indulgent mushroom soup might not align with my usual dietary choices, but I treat myself to it once a year without fail. The menus are brimming with root vegetables, stewed game meats, and fresh fish preparations, and I relish every bite.


Visiting our factories in Lithuania is more than a business trip; it's a journey of discovery, connection, and deep appreciation for the heart and soul of FLAX. Each visit reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional linen clothing to our cherished customers around the world.

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