Introducing FLAX de Soleil: Where European Linen Meets Luxury

Introducing FLAX de Soleil: Where European Linen Meets Luxury

Think of FLAX yarn as the secret ingredient in your favorite dish - it just makes everything better. We're pretty picky about our colors. We don't just choose them; we hunt for the ones that make our fabric pop and feel like it's telling a story. Then, we find the right styles to show off these colors. Think modern, but not too fancy, comfy enough for the streets but with a touch of class.

Welcome to FLAX de Soleil. This is where our love for top-notch linen really shines. We've put a lot of thought into making each piece special, focusing on the cool textures and unique vibe of linen. Whether it's the laid-back look of stripes or the simple elegance of solid colors, FLAX de Soleil is all about clothes that feel like you and stand out in the crowd.


Gem Tank
A wide shoulder and soft v-neckline give this otherwise simple linen tank a polished, modern look.
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Two Way Bias Tunic
A flattering bias-cut tunic that transforms with the warmth of linen on your body, enhancing curves or creating them where needed. Enjoy the choice of a scoop neckline or a stylish v-neck.
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Tuck Back Tee
A contemporary take on the classic linen tee with a high neckline and cap sleeves. The standout feature is the tuck detail in the back, adding shape and fullness to the hip for a flattering drape that conceals and complements.
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Throw It On
Designed with a drop shoulder for an oversized pullover aesthetic, the Throw It On is a versatile layering piece in sweater-y Seersucker. A go-to choice for almost any season.
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Vee Cardi
This cropped button-down jacket boasts a wide v-neckline and full sleeves, injecting a pop of color or texture into any outfit for a playful yet contemporary style.
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Modern Flood
A fresh take on the classic Flood pant, featuring front seams that end in tiny front slits and additional patch pockets. The Modern Flood combines the perfect fit with updated details.
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Seamly Pant
Slightly longer than the Flood pant, the Seamly pant features a wide, full elastic waistband and seaming details that provide shape and a sporty, current look.
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Skyline Dress
A warm-weather must-have shirtdress, born from a popular sleeveless blouse design. Bias panels add shape and intrigue to the right places, and the tea-length cut flatters all heights. Unbutton it for an eye-catching duster.
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Stretched Top
A cap-sleeve dress with a single breast pocket and an asymmetrical sweep, the Stretched Top exudes style and attitude, making a bold fashion statement.
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FLAX de Soleil is your ticket to looking effortlessly cool and chic. Whether you're heading out for a casual coffee or dressing up for something fancy, our collection brings a bit of European luxury to your everyday. It's all about rocking that sophisticated linen look while keeping things laid-back and sporty. So, welcome to the place where feeling comfy meets looking fabulous. With FLAX de Soleil, every piece in your closet will have a story to tell and a style to show.

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