Meet Mary: A Longtime Member of the FLAX Family

Meet Mary: A Longtime Member of the FLAX Family

Ageless Elegance: Mary is in her 60’s and at 5'9" tall, she stands tall and graceful, a testament to her timeless beauty.  She wears a FLAX Petite (our extra small) or Small often paired with her beloved cowboy boots and adding a unique touch to her style.

A Love for Home and Style: Mary's favorite activities include working around her home. Her passion for aesthetics extends beyond her workplace, reflecting her love for creating beautiful spaces. Her keen eye for design is evident in her impeccable style, both inside and outside of the workplace.

A FLAX Veteran: Mary's journey with FLAX began in 1999, making her one of our longest-serving team members. Her loyalty and dedication to the company have been instrumental in our continued success.

An Eclectic Taste in Style: When asked about her favorite style, Mary modestly replied, "Too many to mention." Her eclectic taste in fashion is reflected in her wardrobe, which showcases a versatile collection of FLAX clothing, each piece a testament to her unique style.

A Palette of Elegance: While some may shy away from white, Mary embraces it as her favorite color. She embodies the elegance and sophistication that this color represents, making it a signature part of her wardrobe.

Personal Style Staples: Mary's wardrobe boasts a few favorite pieces that she owns in multiples. She has a penchant for the FLAX Pleated Pant, the Men's Shirt, and the ever-popular Upward Dress (Urban).

Building Relationships: Mary's favorite part of her job at FLAX is building relationships with our buyers. Her years of experience, coupled with her innate fairness and keen eye for fashion, make her an invaluable asset in her role of fostering relationships with our buyers. Her warm and welcoming personality has endeared her to colleagues and customers alike. Mary's ability to connect with people on a personal level and her knack for understanding their preferences are honed from her many years in the industry. She goes above and beyond to ensure that our buyers have a consistent and positive experience with FLAX. Her dedication to building strong, lasting relationships truly sets her apart, and her expertise adds a layer of trust and reliability to her interactions with buyers.

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