Meet Julie: A Remarkable Member of the FLAX Team

Meet Julie: A Remarkable Member of the FLAX Team

Dedication and Experience: Julie, aged between 35 to 40, is a seasoned member of the FLAX family. With over a decade of commitment to our brand, she has been an integral part of our journey since 2009. Julie's dedication and expertise have played a significant role in shaping our success.

Worldly and Adventurous: Standing tall at 5'10", Julie is a true adventurer with a wanderlust-filled heart. Her height is just one reflection of her adventurous spirit, which she carries with her wherever she goes. Whether she's exploring far-off destinations or embracing new cultural experiences, Julie's worldly outlook adds a unique and inspiring dimension to her persona.

Passionate Pursuits: Julie's zest for life is palpable through her favorite activities. She's an avid traveler, always seeking new adventures and cultural experiences. In her downtime, you'll often find her indulging in her passion for cooking, savoring delicious meals, or taking out her pent-up energy in the boxing ring.

FLAX Fashionista: Julie's FLAX sizing preference falls into FLAX’s Medium category. She adores the versatile options and comfortable fit that FLAX provides, allowing her to express her unique style effortlessly.

Style Maven: When asked about her favorite FLAX style, Julie can't help but express her love for the Slit Skirt. It's her classic go-to choice, exuding a timeless and sophisticated aura. Additionally, she's always open to exploring new styles, such as the Sport Tee or the Social Dress, reflecting her fashion-forward sense.

A Love for Green: Julie's favorite color is a rich shade of green, reflecting her love for the natural world and her preference for earthy tones.

Wardrobe Essentials: Julie's closet boasts a collection of FLAX staples, including multiple full-length pants and button-down options. She treasures pieces like the Crossroads Blouse and Flowing Pant for their versatility and style.

Creating Unique FLAX Offerings: One of Julie's most cherished aspects of her job is working closely with buyers to create unique FLAX offerings tailored to the specific needs of their stores. She thrives on the opportunity to present our line and collaborate with others to curate a FLAX collection that resonates with our diverse customer base.

Julie's wealth of experience, passion for fashion, and commitment to our brand make her an invaluable member of the FLAX team. We are fortunate to have her expertise and enthusiasm as we continue to bring the beauty of linen fashion to women everywhere.

Stay tuned for more introductions to our extraordinary FLAX team members in future blog posts!

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