Meet Katherine: An Essential Addition to the FLAX Team

Meet Katherine: An Essential Addition to the FLAX Team

A Diligent Presence: Katherine, at 28, brings her unique touch to our FLAX family. Standing at a petite 4'11", she approaches her work with focused, quick-working dedication, making a significant impact in an unassuming way.

A Passion for Creating: Katherine's favorite activities include baking, sewing, and playing disc golf. Her love for baking often fills the FLAX office with tempting treats, bringing smiles to her colleagues' faces. She's also a talented seamstress, and her sewing skills have been a lifeline for many of us here at FLAX.

FLAX Sizing and Style: Katherine, with a rather slight frame, enjoys FLAX’s petite sizes in some of our tops. Her favorite FLAX style is the Obscure Cardigan, which lends itself to many layering possibilities.

Positively Pretty in Pink: Katherine's favorite color is pink, reflecting her positive outlook on life. Pink highlights her personality, radiating optimism and warmth.

Wardrobe Essentials: Katherine's closet boasts multiple Obscure Cardigans, showcasing her deep appreciation for this style. Its unique design resonates with her fashion sense and adds versatility to her wardrobe.

Fulfilling Orders with a Smile: One of Katherine's favorite aspects of her job at FLAX is pulling, packaging, and shipping orders. Her dedication and attention to detail ensure that every customer receives their FLAX pieces with care and precision. She takes pride in contributing to the seamless FLAX shopping experience.

Katherine's commitment makes her an invaluable member of our team. We're grateful to have her on board, helping us bring the joy of linen fashion to women everywhere.

Stay tuned for more introductions to our wonderful FLAX team members in future blog posts!

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