Meet Kenny and Kalab: The Dynamic Father-Son Duo of FLAX Shipping

Meet Kenny and Kalab: The Dynamic Father-Son Duo of FLAX Shipping

Kenny: The Veteran Shipper

  • Age: In his 40s
  • Height: A towering 6 feet
  • Favorite Activities: When he's not busy making sure FLAX packages reach their destinations, you can find Kenny enjoying disc golf, working on woodworking projects, hiking through the great outdoors, or camping under the starry night sky.
  • FLAX Size: Kenny’s a big-hearted guy!
  • FLAX Tenure: Kenny embarked on his FLAX journey in 2015, and he's been an essential part of our shipping department ever since.
  • Favorite Style: Kenny's practicality shines through in his favorite FLAX styles: the trusty apron and a cozy blanket.
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Style Staples: While Kenny himself is not an avid collector, his wife adores the boardwalk jacket, owning one in nearly every color.
  • Favorite Part of the Job: Kenny finds true joy in the actual shipping part of his job. It's an opportunity to explore the diverse towns and villages across the country, noticing the same town names in different states, and, of course, sharing camaraderie with his coworkers.

Kalab: The Next Generation

  • Age: In his 20s
  • Height: Matching his father's 6-foot stature
  • Favorite Activities: Kalab brings a youthful spirit to the shipping team, enjoying sports, fishing adventures, and an occasional trip to the casino when he's not hard at work.
  • FLAX Tenure: Kalab joined the FLAX family in 2022, adding fresh energy to the shipping department.
  • Favorite Style: Kalab keeps it cozy with a preference for blankets.
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Part of the Job: Kalab enjoys the task of pulling orders, ensuring that FLAX products are ready for shipment and making their way to FLAX enthusiasts across the country.


Together, Kenny and Kalab, this father-son duo, make a formidable team in our shipping department, bringing their unique personalities and skills to ensure your FLAX orders arrive safely and on time. We're fortunate to have this dynamic duo as part of the FLAX family, helping us deliver the joy of linen fashion to your doorstep.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on the incredible individuals who make up our FLAX team!

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