Meet Lauren: A Dedicated Member of the FLAX Team

Meet Lauren: A Dedicated Member of the FLAX Team

Energetic Spirit: Lauren, at 29, brings boundless energy and a fun-loving personality to our FLAX family. Standing at 5'4" tall, she radiates vibrancy in every step she takes, embodying a casual and sporty approach to life.

FLAX Sizing: Lauren often opts for FLAX Small in bottoms and Mediums in tops, as she adores the comfortable and stylish oversized shirt look that FLAX offers.

A Passion for Life: Beyond her role at FLAX, Lauren's heart lies in the great outdoors and quality time with loved ones. You'll often find her hiking, biking, attending concerts and games, playing with her cats, or cherishing moments spent with family.

A FLAX Journey Since 2015: Lauren embarked on her FLAX journey in 2015, making her an integral part of our ever-growing FLAX family. Her dedication and passion have enriched our company and contributed to its continued success.

A Style as Unique as She Is: When asked about her favorite style, Lauren replied, "The Seamly Pant." These pants are her summer go-to, especially for those sunny days at the lake. She effortlessly pairs them with her beloved button-down Flax shirts or plain tees, showcasing her distinctive style.

A Green Enthusiast: Lauren's favorite color is a deep army green, a reflection of her connection to nature and her zest for outdoor activities.

Personal Style Staples: Lauren's wardrobe boasts several must-have FLAX pieces. She has a soft spot for Seamly Pants, Zen Pants, Men's Shirts, and Sun Tees, all of which add versatility and comfort to her wardrobe.

Sharing the FLAX Experience: Lauren's favorite aspect of her job at FLAX is sharing behind-the-scenes moments with our customers. From the excitement of our Barn Sale to the creative process behind photoshoots and designs, Lauren loves connecting with our FLAX community and providing exclusive glimpses into the magic that happens at our company.

Lauren's enthusiasm for FLAX and her dedication to sharing our brand's story make her an invaluable member of our team. We're grateful to have her on board, helping us bring the joy of linen fashion to women everywhere.

Stay tuned for more introductions to our fantastic FLAX team members in future blog posts!

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