Navigating FLAX's Unique Sizing: Finding the Perfect Fit for You

Navigating FLAX's Unique Sizing: Finding the Perfect Fit for You

At FLAX, we're committed to constant improvement, be it enhancing the user experience, refining the fit of our clothing, fostering our company culture, or optimizing our practices. We cherish the valuable feedback we receive from our dedicated fans, and we're thankful to our customers who take the time to share their insights with us.

One aspect where we stand out is our unique sizing system, which can sometimes pose a challenge for our customers. However, we're here to provide all the information you need to ensure that your FLAX garments fit you well. Not only does this contribute to your comfort and satisfaction, but it also plays a pivotal role in the longevity of your beloved FLAX linen clothing.

Let's begin by exploring our size scale.

At FLAX, we aim for a relaxed, comfortable fit that allows you to move freely, whether you're driving a car, bending over to pick something up, sitting in a chair, or reaching for items in an overhead compartment on a plane.

Our size range is designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes. Starting with PETITE, it's essential to note that our Petite is not your traditional "shorter than standard" Petite found in the industry. FLAX Petite is equivalent to our extra small (XS) and is ideal for those typically sized 4-6. If you happen to have broad shoulders, a fuller bust, or carry your weight in other areas such as your belly, bum, or hips, you may prefer to size up for added ease. Moving up, our SMALL corresponds to number sizes 6-10, MEDIUM to 10-14, and LARGE to 14-18. Beyond this, we offer Generous sizes, with 1G fitting sizes 18-20, 2G covering 22-24, and 3G accommodating sizes 24-26.

Now, let's delve into how you can find the perfect fit tailored to your unique preferences.

FLAX boasts a diverse selection of styles that cater not only to varying body sizes but also to different fashion preferences. Our FLAX wearers come from all corners of the globe, and while some may prefer more tailored, missy-style looks, others favor boxier silhouettes. To assist you in making the right choice, we provide detailed photos and loose guidelines on our website within each item's description. These guidelines typically include measurements for key points on the garment, such as overall length, chest, hip, waist, and sweep. For instance, if you have a 42” bust, a pullover with measurements between 45-47” in the medium size category will provide a comfortably loose fit. Conversely, if a tank in the same medium size measures 42-44” across the chest, it might fit more snugly. In such cases, if you're planning for a warm-weather trip, you can consider sizing up in that tank or exploring styles with different chest specifications.

It's worth noting that our size range typically varies by only 2 inches. While we have target measurements that we strive to achieve, we ensure that our garments still look great even if they deviate by an inch in either direction, be it slightly larger or slightly smaller. This flexibility is particularly important as we primarily work with 100% linen, a natural fiber. Due to the inherent nature of linen, subtle variations in shrinkage may occur when our clothing is washed at the factories in Lithuania before being shipped to the US and then to our customers. However, when worn as designed, these minor variances should not render a garment ill-fitting if it falls within tolerance.

So, when you choose FLAX, rest assured that we've got your sizing covered, and our commitment to quality ensures that your FLAX linen clothing will continue to be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. If you ever have questions or need personalized assistance in finding the perfect fit, our dedicated support team at Shop FLAX is always here to help. Whether you prefer to reach out by phone or email, we're delighted to provide the guidance and support you need to make your FLAX shopping experience truly exceptional. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're excited to assist you on your journey to discovering the perfect FLAX style that suits your unique preferences and ensures your comfort and confidence. Thank you for being a valued part of the FLAX community.

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