The Dramatic Shirt Returns!

The Dramatic Shirt Returns!

A few years ago, we unveiled a monochromatic UnderFLAX collection, featuring tops in lighter shades and bottoms in deeper hues, all complemented by a captivating woodcut rose pattern. The colors exuded softness, as did the linen itself, and much of the collection was deliberately oversized to facilitate effortless layering.

Amongst this group, one style emerged as a personal favorite of mine. Yet, its dropped shoulder design made it oversized to a point where not everyone immediately appreciated its unique appeal. Despite our fondness for the style, we struggled to convey its charm to our customers, and it often took a backseat when suggested at our future design meetings.

Years later, a serendipitous encounter between two ardent fans of the Dramatic Shirt changed the course of its destiny. Both of us, dedicated members of the FLAX family, happened to cross paths at a Beak and Skiff summer concert, headlined by none other than Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. (For those not acquainted with Central New York, we are renowned for our exceptional apples, and Beak and Skiff, a sprawling orchard, has expanded its horizons to include hard cider, delectable food, and becoming a sought-after destination in the Finger Lakes region. Their summer concerts are an absolute blast, and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats put on an unforgettable show!)

I can't help but be over the moon when witnessing our beloved linen creations worn with pride. Observing individuals of all ages, body shapes, and sizes embrace our styles at various events fills my heart with immense joy. It's a testament to the enduring charm of FLAX. For this reason, my eagle eye can spot FLAX anywhere in a crowd, even after indulging in a few delicious ciders.

Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, I spotted a young woman in the crowd wearing a milk handkerchief Dramatic Shirt. (Milk, by the way, is our whimsical name for the handkerchief-weight version of Cream medium-weight linen. The humor at FLAX is something we cherish.) She had it unbuttoned, allowing it to drape off one shoulder, with the hem playfully tied at her waist, paired effortlessly with a cami and jeans. It was a FLAX spotting moment I couldn't resist sharing with my co-worker. We started chatting and both concurred that the return of the Dramatic Shirt was long overdue.

Fast forward two years, and there we were, Lauren, Mary, and I, sitting in the design room, brainstorming styles for Urban 2024. We wanted to take a break from the Crossroads Blouse, which had graced our collection for a few years. However, we still desired that loose-fit button-down for layering, but with a modern, fashion-forward twist. This was our chance! We made a few refinements, ensuring it wasn't overly oversized, and tested a few samples to see what resonated. Perhaps I was biased, but I fell in love with every variant. Eventually, we settled on one, and now you can have your own in a range of stunning bright colors or fabulous neutrals, both in Urban 2024 and Urban Two 2024.

So, what's so remarkable about the Dramatic Shirt? It's effortlessly easy. The trend of high-waisted pants aligns perfectly with FLAX's aesthetic. Pair it with high-waisted pants, a short tank or tee, and this oversized, unbelievably comfortable layer, and your outfit is complete! Whether you want to be trendy, classic, funky with a popped collar, or casual with sneakers, or add some statement jewelry and heels for a stunning look, the Dramatic Shirt accommodates it all. It's artistic, billowy, and with its seam detailing down the arm, it offers unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. It's like a warm, linen hug.

So, join us in welcoming back the Dramatic Shirt, a style that has returned with renewed charm and modern flair. As you slip into it, you'll experience the ease, versatility, and timeless elegance that defines FLAX. Welcome to the world of the Dramatic Shirt, where style knows no bounds.

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