The Gaia Family: A Timeless Transformation

The Gaia Family: A Timeless Transformation

The Gaia Dress
At FLAX, we often create styles that capture so many great elements in one garment that we like to repeat it and sometimes break it apart into several styles. Such is the case with the Gaia family of styles. The original Gaia Dress featured a ¾ sleeve with a V-neckline and flowy tiers of fabric in the skirt. It received mixed reviews, particularly from some women who were young in the '70s when this style was first popular. For some, it was a lot of fabric, and on a petite frame, it could feel overwhelming. However, overall, it sold very well at the consumer level, largely because of that flowy skirt.
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2024: The Gaia Reimagined

The Terra Top
In 2024, we reincarnated this dress into three parts. We began by cutting the dress in half to create our best-selling top in the BOLD collection: The Terra Top. This ¾ sleeve pullover retained all the elements of the Gaia dress but without the skirt. It was so popular so fast, that it was hard to keep in stock after we first debuted it. We found customers didn’t just order a single piece; they often took 2-3, sometimes even 4 colors. When offered in solid white and black, they were must-haves, but Indigo, Poppy, and Lagoon were too pretty to pass up.
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The Gaia Skirt
The second item also went into BOLD, allowing Gaia Dress lovers to create a matching set to replicate the look of a single dress. The Gaia Skirt is the bottom portion of the dress, with those same wonderful tiers that make the young at heart want to twirl. This time, we also offered the stria fabric for some added interest, as well as matching solids to the Terra Top. It had been a few years since we last offered a skirt and I couldn’t wait to test drive this one, so I snuck an unused sample home late last summer. I wore it while attending a rather hot evening concert at a small opera house in Earlville, NY swaying, dancing and sweating, to the sound of the Wailers, Bob Marley’s band. The Gaia skirt sold me then and there as the style that would accompany my eclectic music choices. It quickly became my go-to concert skirt, with deep pockets, lots of forgiveness, a wide elastic waistband. The flowy nature kept me cool and airy despite being indoors on a hot September night. When the Gaia Skirt hit stores, many must have agreed, because we sold a ton of them and rediscovered the need for a great skirt every year in the FLAX lineup.
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The Tiered Dress
Finally, just in time for summer, the Tiered Dress hit stores. The response, again, was overwhelming right out of the gate. A sleeveless version of the Gaia Dress with a simplified V-neckline became an early favorite in our Sunshine collection. I particularly like this color palette for this dress because all the colors are lovely, and the dress looks good in every single one. Plus, the cool blue tones make it feel and look even cooler. The same flowy, airy feel stayed with this design, and it is the perfect choice for days at the farmer’s market or graduation parties when you need to stay cool but covered.
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Discover the Gaia Family

Ready to add a touch of Gaia to your wardrobe? Click the links above to discover the Terra Top, Gaia Skirt, and Tiered Dress. Each piece is designed to bring joy, comfort, and a bit of that timeless FLAX charm to your everyday style. Don't miss out – your perfect summer outfit awaits! Shop now and twirl into the season with FLAX.

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